Game Intro

Two rivals; a sophisticated monster called LUXAMILLION and a posh elephant called TRUNKFORD, are fighting an epic war across the seven seas.Their goal: total world domination. Their mighty galleons come equipped with massive cannons - a weapon designed to strike a fatal blow!Take three devastating attacks and your enemy will find themselves at the bottom of the ocean, while the victor takes home treasure mostlandlubbers can only dream of. Then, on to the next island, until all the loot in the world is yours!

Game Breakdown

This game was created entirely with the html5 canvas tag and javascript. Coming from a Flash background this seemed like a daunting task at first, but thankfullythere are a number of frameworks in development that make the platform a bit easier to code for. For Luxahoy we used EaselJS,SoundJS,Box2dWeb and, of course, a bit of jQuery.In order to export all the character animations you see in the game we used Zoë to convert our flash animations to spritesheets. Zoë also works hand in hand with Easel.