Some sunglasses simply dim your worldview

Maui Jim eyewear shows you a world like you’ve never seen. A world bursting with 16,777,216 colors.
With lenses made from rare earth minerals to enhance color and clarity, these sunglasses look great, and make everything you see look better.

Maui Jim

Behind the Scenes

To showcase the heightened visual clarity Maui Jim eyewear provides, the upcoming national print, television, and digital campaigns present stunning images of both natural and man-made environments subtly, but unmistakably, mirroring the shape of Maui Jim sunglasses. For the digital campaign, these images come alive, as the scene slowly coalesces: two sea turtles pair up, drifting across calm, cobalt water; two lush, Hawaiian orchids bloom in time-lapse, settling petal- to-petal and leaves gently blow in the wind, and gentle leaves hush fall into being.