Giving candy a voice that can't be ignored. is driven by a never-ending stream of content. It rewards fans with the ability to scroll infinitely. Doing so reveals an endless color stream of bite-sized, shareable entertainmentthat conveys the brand from a natively digital perspective. The Rainbow Wars, which measure the relative popularity of flavors and colors via tweets, influence the color of the experience.The Skittles Facebook fan page creates an environment optimal for conversing or exploring the brand. Its newly launched Twitter presence celebrates the Rainbow as well as those whoshare a passion for what it represents.In essence, we created a platform to feed and amplify the enthusiasm people have for Skittles candy. And the best part remains to comeā€¦Skittles,Taste the Rainbow and all affiliated designs are trademarks of the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company or its subsidiaries.



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